The Schengen Area is a zone comprising 27 European countries with abolished internal borders, allowing for free movement of people. Iceland is part of the Schengen agreement. A Schengen ban can be imposed on individuals who refuse to accept asylum denial.

Is the ban for Iceland or the whole Schengen area?
Generally, when someone is deported, they must leave the entire Schengen area, unless they have permission to stay in another Schengen country. Re-entering the Schengen area is usually not allowed unless you have a valid permit in another Schengen country.

Will the ban on returning to the Schengen area be lifted?
If you leave the Schengen area within the given time frame, the ban on returning is canceled. Usually, you have 7-30 days to leave the country, depending on your case.

How long does the ban last?
It’s typically between two to five years.

When does it begin?
The ban starts when you leave the Schengen area after the time limit for voluntarily return has expired.

How can I know when the ban ends?
There is no notification system. You must keep track based on the duration and start date of the ban. The ban is registered in a system that authorities can access, so attempting to enter the Schengen area with a ban will be detected.