No child should have to suffer from or witness domestic violence.
Did you know that violence is when a person or group uses force to hurt or humiliate others. To children the ages 0-18.

When people think of violence, physical violence often comes to mind first. It‘s also classed as violence against children when a member of the household suffers from domestic violence.

It is possible to call 112 even though there is no credit on the phone and if there is no SIM card in the phone.

It is mandatory under Icelandic law to report to the police or Government Agency for Child Protection if a child is suspected to be sufferringsuffering from domestic violence or being raised in unacceptable conditions. The person reporting does not have to have a reasonable suspicion that the child is being abused.

It is important that we allow children to have the benefit of the doubt and have professionals look into the matter and take actionact if needed. Family link
Those who report may request anonymity to all parties except the child protection worker, violence especially teachers, leisure center staff, health care professionals and coaches. Important to contact the Government Agency for Child Protection or the police if in doubt.

If you are concerned about a child’s situation then it is good to keep in mind:
• Talk to someone you trust and can guide you
• There are people who can help you, it is good to discuss your circumstances with others
• Telling someone you trust can help you work through out the pain and become stronger person than before
• The blame is never yours
• The violence is never your fault
• To stop the violence, you need to tell someone




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