Your application for international protection has been examined in Iceland and your application has been rejected. It means that Icelandic authorities have determined that your case does not meet the criteria for international protection under the current legal framework. As a result of this decision, you will be required to leave Iceland and return to your home country. This process is known as deportation.  

You will be granted time limit of 7-30 days, depending on your case, to depart voluntarily from the country. If you do not leave the country within the time limit, it can lead to a re-entry ban to the Schengen area and forced removal from Iceland.  

After receiving a return decision, you will be moved to another housing at Bæjarhraun 16, where you will stay prior to departure or up to 30 days. Most families will not be moved to Bæjarhraun 16 and will remain in their previous housing. Please be advised to follow the rules regarding mandatory check-ins. Failure to comply may result in loss of housing, financial support and other benefits and you may be listed as a wanted person by the police.  

When returned a police officer from the National Commissioners Office in Iceland will meet up with you and take you to the airport. At the airport you will be escorted to the plane or all the way to your country of origin.      

You may be eligible to receive assistance to reintegrate back into society in your country of origin. For further information or assistance, please contact a return specialist for information on programs provided to help you resettle, with Frontex or IOM.