This Wednesday (12/4) the Federal Police launched Operation Match Point with the aim of dismantling a criminal organization specializing in money laundering from drug trafficking. The organization was divided into two large cells, with branches in several cities in the country, especially in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Norte. The assets seized by the PF in this action could exceed the figure of R$ 150 million reais.

About 250 federal police officers are executing 49 search and seizure warrants and 33 preventive arrest warrants in cities in ten Brazilian states. The bank accounts of 43 individuals were also blocked, 57 properties and several vehicles and vessels were seized.

During the investigations, the Federal Police, with the support of the Federal Highway Police and the Military Police of Santa Catarina, made seven arrests in flagrante delicto, seizing around 65 kilos of cocaine and 225 kilos of skunk.

Among the leaders of the criminal organization is an Icelandic citizen residing in Brazil, previously investigated by the Federal Police and the Icelandic police. To carry out the Match Point operation, the Federal Police carried out international cooperation with Italy, through Interpol, and with Iceland, in coordination with the liaison offices with Europol. There was also judicial authorization for representatives of the Icelandic police to monitor the start of the operation.

Among the crimes investigated so far are the laundering and concealment of assets, criminal organization and international drug trafficking associated with trafficking. The cumulative sentences for these crimes can reach more than 40 years in prison.

The press service will be held between 10 and 11 am this Wednesday (12/4), at the Regional Superintendence of the Federal Police in Santa Catarina, at Rua Paschoal Apostle Pítsica, 4744 – Agronómica, Florianópolis/SC.

Social Communication of the Federal Police in Santa Catarina/SC
Phone: (48) 3281-6699

Locations of warrants and seizures

Search and seizure warrants: 49 in nine states
SC (10) – 10 Florianópolis
SP (13) – 4 Campinas, 3 Limeira, 2 São Paulo, 1 Hortolândia, 1 Piracicaba, 1 Sumaré, 1 São Pedro
RJ (12) – 8 Rio de Janeiro and 4 Niterói
MG (6) – 3 Belo Horizonte, 2 Montes Claros and 1 Contagem
BA (3) – 3 Porto Seguro
PB (1) – 1 Hair
RN (2) – 1 Tibau do Sul and 1 Parnamirim
PE (1) – 1 reef
GO (1) – 1 Goiânia.

Pretrial detention warrants: 33 in six states
SC (7) – SP (11) – RJ (6) – MG (5) – BA (3) – CE (1)
Seizure of 57 properties already individualized and registered, 17 in Santa Catarina, 26 in São Paulo, 11 in Bahia and 3 in Rio de Janeiro. (There are still 19 properties to be registered after the start of the operation).
* The value of the kidnapped goods can exceed R$ 150 million.