1 Júní 2013 12:00

Announcement from the Police in Westfjords.

The Police in Westfjords and Landsbjörg search and rescue team have been searching for a 24 years old France women named Maylis Lasserre. Maylis went for a walk about 10:00 am yesterday morning from Heydalur, Mjoifjordur in Isafjardardjup and didn’t return back.  

Maylis is slender, about 170 cm tall, with rather long, wavy, dark blonde hair often taken back in a ponytail. Maylis was last seen wearing jeans and knitted shawl and possibly wearing glasses.

Those who may have been aware of Maylis, are asked to contact the police in Westfjords phone 450 3730 or the Emergency phone 112. This is particularly directed to drivers who passed through Isafjardardjup yesterday.

Rescue teams have been searching all night and about 130 personals are currently searching including the coast guard helicopter.

Maylis Lasserre.